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A high quality disability access ramp  

Access Ramp Design

Our DDA compliant access ramps are elegant, refined and
have been designed to compliment the exterior look of your home. The wheelchair access ramp will nicely blend into
your home and can sometimes add value to your property.

Premier Steel Services' access ramps are completely
modular and the system allows the ramp to be recon-
figured easily and the dismantling and re-assembling
only takes a couple of hours.

The completed access ramp is non-rusting and extremely
hard wearing and is designed to retain its look and its
resale value. We also offer a buy-back service so you
know you are in good hands.

Occasionally, the ramps are no longer required as
individual circumstances do change. Therefore the buy-
back service is fantastic and your access ramp will be an
investment rather than a burden, making life a lot easier
for all that require the disabled access ramp.

   Our access ramps are:

  • Guaranteed for 3 years
  • Fully DDA compliant
  • Elegant and refined
  • Non-rusting
  • Resellable
  • Easily reconfigured

Manufacture and Installation

We manufacture our access ramps using the highest
quality metals which are then galvanised to ensure the
ramp is non-rusting and retain their elegant appearance.

After the initial ground survey the ramp is manufactured
and then installed at a time which is suitable to our clients.
The ramp normally takes 1/2 day to completely install.

We sometimes recommend groundworks when the ramp
is situated above grass or earth and this can be carried
out by our installation team.

After installation we ensure the customer is entirely happy
with all standards of work and the ramp is guaranteed for
3 years against malfunction and corrosion.               Back

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